Alhamdulilah! We made our mark in Italy by offering the best Armaghan of Pakistan. Absolutely. Now the famous sweets of Pakistan are also available in Italy, especially, Rus Malai of fresh milk, Ammar Ratti of desi oil, motii-choor Laddu, and Barfi of fresh milk, and do not forget to try our special Samosa Chat.
We are providing you with some of the well-known souvenirs of Pakistan away from home. It is our pleasure to serve you the best. Come and taste the most luscious sweet you’ve ever tasted. Try it once and forget the rest.

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sweet & salt

Sweet and salt are two basic tastes that are perceived by the taste buds on the tongue. Sweet tastes are associated with high levels of sugar, while salt tastes are associated with high levels of salt (sodium chloride). Both sweet and salt tastes are important for a balanced diet and can be used to enhance the flavor of food.

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“Indulge in the sweet, syrupy goodness of Jalebi – Pakistan’s traditional delicacy made from deep-fried wheat flour and dipped in a sugary bath for a perfect balance of crispy and soft textures. A treat for your taste buds and a must-try for all sweet lovers.”

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